GE Course Substitution

Use the GE Course Substitution/Exception for for courses involving GE only.

GE Course Substitution/Exception Sample (PDF)

Processing Your Request

1) First, obtain the GE petition form from your advising center, department office, or the Office of the Registrar (Administration Building, Room 222).  In consultation with your advisor, fill out the student portion (above the student signature) and get your advisor's signature (#1).

  • In most cases, courses taken at Cal Poly that have not been approved for GE credit will NOT be allowed to count for GE.
  • If the course you are requesting to count for GE credit is not a Cal Poly course, find the course description for the course you want to substitute from your college or university web site, or from your own records.  Check to see if there is a similar course offered at Cal Poly.  If so, you can compare course descriptions online at the Cal Poly catalog web site.
  • If your substitution involves information that you read or were told, be sure to attach a letter, email, photocopy, or other supporting documentation from your source to back up your request.

2) Then, drop the petition at the Office of the Registrar service window (Administration Building, room 222) between 8:00 am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  You do not need to do anything further.  The Office of the Registrar staff reviews, writes, comments and signs (signature #2), and forwards it to the GE Director.

3) The GE Director reviews the petition to approve or disapprove, and signs (signature #3).

4) The Office of the Registrar will notify you by email of the decision regarding your petition, with a PDF of the petition attached. 

Please allow 3 weeks to process your petition.





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