General Education Program

Strengthening intellectual, creative and professional lives

GE Information Competency Goal

Information Competency is an educational goal of the university curriculum, and the GE Program affirms the goals established by the Information Competence Committee: According to its Mission Statement, Cal Poly aims to teach students "to discover, integrate, articulate, and apply knowledge" and to provide students "with the unique experience of direct involvement with the actual challenges of their disciplines."

To meet these goals, Cal Poly must help students acquire the skills necessary to master the challenges of an information-based society. As the amount of information proliferates and information technology becomes more sophisticated, it is especially imperative that college graduates be "information competent." They must possess the information-management skills necessary for independent and lifelong learning and the tools required being informed and productive citizens. GE courses are expected to provide relevant guidance in information retrieval, evaluation of information, and appropriate citation of information.

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