General Education Program

Strengthening intellectual, creative and professional lives

GE Interdisciplinary and Linked Courses

All lower-division coursework is considered foundational and is meant to ground students in various disciplines. Consequently, interdisciplinary courses will not ordinarily be offered at the lower-division level. The opportunity for interdisciplinary study will occur primarily at the upper-division level, with lower-division exceptions developing from specific programmatic needs.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to create linked courses. (Linked courses occur when students concurrently enroll in courses from two areas of the GE curriculum-e.g. a course in composition linked to a course in social science.) Academic disciplines are encouraged to cooperate in designing coursework which, when linked, enhances the study of more than one foundational area. Linkages can be thematic or can contribute to a core curriculum. Linked courses are especially encouraged as a way to provide subject matter for courses in writing and speaking, and for courses which connect the arts and humanities with the social sciences, and the liberal arts/sciences with polytechnic and professional curricula. Linked courses provide options for students.

Because many students fulfill part of their GE requirements at community colleges or other four-year institutions,  all students cannot be required to take linked courses. In addition, conflicts in students' course scheduling often prevent them from enrolling in courses taking more than one term to complete. Courses offered for GE must normally allow students to complete a four-unit requirement in a single quarter. The value of a coherent, integrated program is clear, however, and packages of linked courses should, where possible, be developed as alternative tracks to fulfilling GE requirements.

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