General Education Program

Strengthening intellectual, creative and professional lives

General Education Governance Board 2018-19


Bailey, Helen Evaluations Office/Registrar 66313 hbailey Ex Officio
Borges, Mark ASI Representative Board of Directors 61281 maborges Ex Officio (F, W)
Bussert, Kaila Library Professional Consultative Services 65937 kbussert 2019 (leave Fall 2018)
Fernflores, Rachel Philosophy CLA 62330 rfernflo 2021
Fogle, Emily Chemistry and Biochemistry CSM 67540 efogle 2019
Giberti, Bruno Academic Programs Academic Affairs 62254 bgiberti Ex Officio
Jasbinsek, John Physics CSM 62013 jjasbins 2020
Keen, Aaron Computer Science CENG 62926 akeen 2019
Laver, Gary (CHAIR) Psychology CLA 62538 glaver 2022
MacDougall, Neal Agribusiness CAFES 65034 nmacdoug 2019
Navarro, José Ethnic Studies CLA 62411 jnavar17 2020
Nuttall, Brent Architectural Engineering CAED 67631 bnuttall 2020
Park, Sam ASI Representative Student Representative   spark94

Ex Officio

S 2019

Vestermark, Jesse Library Professional Consultative Services 62640 jvesterm Fall 2018 (interim W, S, F 2018)
Vacant   OCOB      
Sullivan-Danser, Shannon Academic Programs ASC II 62246 ssulliva n/a


Dustin Stegner (ENGL), Academic Senate Chair 
Andrew Morris (History), General Education Task Force Co-Chair 
Daniel Parsons (Registrar) (course review)

Additional Information

General Education Governance Board Senate Home Page, which contains charges, projects, resolutions, and year-end reports.

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