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The following classes have been pre-approved for Cal Poly GE credit. Please note the expiration dates and any comments within the course description as you begin your planning. If you have any questions about these courses, please email the Study Abroad office, and an advisor can assist you.


Area B Course

Approved summer 2019 through spring 2024)

University Course Prefix Course Title GE Area Credit Course Description

Cairns, Australia

ENVI 3000

Rainforest, Reef, Cultural Ecology Seminar

B7/F (Upper Division B)

The goal of the Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology Seminar (RRCES) is to introduce students to the natural and cultural values of the globally significant bioregions of Far North Queensland: the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas. Through lectures and numerous field excursions to ecologically significant sites, we emphasize an understanding of key ecological patterns and processes involved in the evolution and biogeography of the region’s diverse biota, and search for common principles that can be applied at the local, landscape and global scale. The course also analyzes the long-term protection and conservation strategies for the region’s living resource base by considering Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal relationships to the land and sea country of the region. In addition, a wider range of topics, including human ecology, ecological economics, and politics enable students to acquire a broader understanding of the relationships between human actions and natural systems in Far North Queensland, in particular, and Australia in general.


The Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology Seminar (RRCES) is presented in close association with the Environmental Field Study Seminar (EFSS). The RRCES seminar provides students with access to a wide range of professionals, environments, and learning resources both in a classroom and field setting. It also provides traditional and field-based learning, and challenges students to synthesize observations from fieldwork with readings and lectures, and to use creativity and curiosity to question assumptions and generate original ideas. The themes of rainforest, coral reef, and cultural ecology are investigated in depth during three, week to ten day-long modules in the field, as well as during a week- long orientation trip and lectures at our home base in Cairns.



  • New course added Summer 2019

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