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It is no secret that Cal Poly has high academic standards for its students. From day one, our students come to campus with a deep awareness of their own skills, career ambitions, and academic goals; they recognize how Cal Poly can provide them with the knowledge and training that will sustain them through their lifetime.

So, you might be wondering: What is the goal of a General Education program if students already have this awareness and have declared their major focus of study?

Most students would be surprised to learn that the General Education program comprises 40% of their academic requirements. The breadth of this core education allows students to explore a range of ideas and attitudes that they might not encounter in their major program. Whether a journalist or chemist, a philosopher or engineer, the General Education program asks each students to explore five key areas:

Area A: Communication and Critical Thinking

Area B: Science and Quantitative Reasoning

Area C: Arts and Humanities

Area D: Social Sciences

Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development

Area F: Ethnic Studies

No other program provides such an interdisciplinary lens and reaches such a diverse audience. Indeed, this core education links each student, each major together to provide a truly comprehensive polytechnic education.

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