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Writing and Learning Center

The Writing and Learning Center supports academic achievement by providing peer-to-peer learning opportunities in a welcoming environment. All students are encouraged to engage in free individual and small-group tutoring sessions with trained undergraduate and graduate consultants on any activity, assignment, or exam. Writing and subject-specific peer consultations are available in multiple locations across campus with the main hub in Kennedy Library, Room 111C.

Here is a link of resources recommended by Cal Poly's Writing and Learning Center.


Mustang Success Center

The Mustang Success Center (MSC) serves as an advising center supporting first-time, first-year students of all majors with their successful transition and integration into Cal Poly. The center’s staff provides accessible academic advising that guides students to clear pathways of success and builds a foundation for timely graduation.

To learn more or to contact them, visit their website at


College Academic Advising Centers

Continuing students, including incoming transfer students, should consult with their college academic advising center for more information.

Additionally, prospective transfer students are encouraged to visit Cal Poly's Selection for Criteria for more information on transferring GE credit.

For more information about all of Cal Poly's academic advising resources, please visit


Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is comprised of four areas:

  • Records supports registration, verification of enrollment and degrees, official transcripts, grades and Veterans Administration requirements in accordance with Federal, State and University policies.
  • Evaluations assesses and validates academic degree progress, application of transfer credit, major requirements, change of major, and the conferral of degrees. It also serves as the resource for all campus constituents on all degree-related matters, including the functional aspects of the Degree Progress Report. It also certifies NCAA athletes for eligibility.
  • Curriculum, Catalog and Scheduling oversees the production of the institutional catalog, procedural and mechanical aspects of the curriculum process, development of course articulation agreements, scheduling of academic classes, and the campus master calendar.
  • System Management oversees the technical aspects of the Degree Progress Report, PolyPlanner, and Dashboards.

Students, please visit the Office of the Registrar's "GE 2020 Comprehensive Guide" for more information how recent changes to Cal Poly's GE might impact you.

Here are some additional resources recommended by the Office of the Registrar: 

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