GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad

Use the GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad

to request possible credit for courses taken through a Study Abroad program.

GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad Sample (PDF)

Processing Your Request

  1. Cal Poly courses taken through a Cal Poly Study Abroad Program that are not on the Cal Poly GE list will not be allowed to count for GE.
  2. Review the requirements on Cal Poly's GE web site.
  3. Determine the GE area you need to fulfill (refer to your Degree Progress report or check with your advisor). 
    Note: Lower Division courses may not be used to fulfill GE C4, GE D5 or GE F.
  4. Complete the GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad form for course review and consideration.
  5. Attach the course descriptions and supporting documents for each course printed or photocopied directly from the international catalog or web site.  Do not copy and paste this information into your own document.  Be sure the printed documents include the campus, location, term, print date and URL, if applicable.
  6. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your plan and obtain his/her signature.
    Note:  The International Center does not approve course substitutions.
  7. The Study Abroad Office will submit the form to the Office of the Registrar (Bldg 1, room 222).
  8. The Office of the Registrar will route the form for you.
  9. Your copy will be returned by email with the final decisions on your petition requests.
  10. GE Course Substitution for Study Abroad petitions are valid only after the official receipt fo official transcripts and verification of the educational institution, courses, course levels and units. (Each course must be the equivalent of at least 4 quarter units.

  11. Please allow 4 weeks to process your petition.

When out of the country and you need to change your courses........

You may contact the Cal Poly Evaluations Office for INFORMAL advice via email at  Please allow 1 week for an email response.  Upon your return, complete this petition for formal review of the courses.


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