GE Meeting Notes May 9, 2014

Meeting Date, Time, Attendance

  • Date:  Friday, May 9, 2014
  • Place: 01-301
  • Time: 9:10 am to 10:30 am
  • Attendance
     Josh Machamer, (GE Chair), Helen Bailey, Tal Scriven, Camille O'Bryant, Emily Fogle, Brenda Helmbrecht, Katie Tool, Gregg Fiegel, Brenda Helmbrecht, Clare Battista, Tal Scriven, Bruno Giberti


  • University/GE Assessment Critical Thinking
    Scoring session will be held Friday, June 27 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
    Scorers will read essays from GE Area A3 classes and essays from senior level classes.
    A light breakfast and lunch will be served.  Scorers will be paid for their participation.

GE Program Learning Outcomes/Discussion

  • Josh presented the GE Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to the Academic Senate Executive Committee on May 6, 2014.  
  • After discussion on the GE PLO issue, it was determined that the PLOs did not need to be approved by the Academic Senate Executive Committee.  

    From Academic Senate Resolution AS 713-10
    Cal Poly's general education (GE) program is the administrative responsibility of the Academic Senate General Education Governing Board (GEGB). GEGB should function like a department with a deep sense ofinterest and responsibility for overseeing and implementing the GE program."
  • Motion to approve the GE Program Learning Outcomes.  Seconded.  Consensus to approve.

GE Program Learning Outcomes - as approved by the GE Governance Board

  1. GE PLO #1 ~ Construct and critique arguments from a logical perspective.
  2. GE PLO #2 ~ Use appropriate rhetorical strategies to connect with diverse audiences through oral, written, and visual modes of communication. 
  3. GE PLO #3  ~ Address real world problems by demonstrating broad disciplinary knowledge, skills, and values in arts, humanities, sciences, and technology. 
  4. GE PLO #4 ~ Understand the value of a general education in relation to a major course of study. 
  5. GE PLO #5 ~ Collaborate with people of different backgrounds, values, and experience. 
  6. GE PLO # 6 ~ Evaluate global and local issues and their impact on society.
  7. GE PLO # 7 ~ Use intention and reflection to develop and improve one’s own learning.

GE Governance Board Chair Discussion

  • Josh Machamer asked the GE Goverance Board to endorse Brenda Helmbrecht as the new GEGB Chair, after being recommended by the Academic Senate Executive Committee.  
  • Consensus by GEGB to endorse Brenda Helmbrecht.
  • According to AS Resolution 713-10 -  The GEGB chair will be appointed by the Provost following a recommendation from the Academic Senate Executive Committee and the GEGB.

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