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1997 to Present (last updated November 20, 2019)
Date Title Notes Link

June 6, 2019

Resolution on Updating the Diversity Learning Objectives

co-authored by GEGB


June 4, 2019

Resolution on Subject Area Guidelines (I) for General Education 2020 

Area A and Area B Guidelines for GE 2020


April 16, 2019

Resolution on Template for General Education 2020



June 5, 2018

Resolution on Migration of Current D4 Classes to Area E



May 29, 2018

Resolution on Creation of Area B7 and Migration of Current Area F Classes

superceded by AS-879-19


June 6, 2017

Resolution on Aligning USCP Criteria to Diversity Learning Objectives with Oversight by GE Governance Board

superceded by AS-880-19


February 7, 2012

Resolution on Changes to the Academic Senate General Education (GE) Governing Board Policy



February 28, 2012

Resolution on General Education C5 Elective



May 2011

Resolution on the General Education Task Force Report


Report to Executive Committee (PDF)

May 18, 2010

Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate General Education Governance Board



May 4, 2010

Resolution on the Establishment of an Academic Senate Curriculum Appeals Committee

co-authored by GE Task Force


June 9, 1998

GE Resolution on General Education 2000

superceded by AS-873-19 and AS-879-19


March 18, 1997 

GE Resolution on Proposed Model of Unit Distribution for General Education and Breadth



February 11, 1997

General Education and Breadth Program: Proposed Administrative Structure

superceded by AS-713-10 and AS-740-12


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