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The following Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) constitute the educational objectives of General Education (GE) and were last approved by the GE Governance Board May 9, 2014:


GE PLO #1: Construct and critique arguments from a logical perspective.

GE PLO #2: Use appropriate rhetorical strategies to connect with diverse audiences through oral, written, and visual modes of communication.

GE PLO #3: Address real world problems by demonstrating broad disciplinary knowledge, skills, and values in arts, humanities, sciences, and technology. 

GE PLO #4: Understand the value of a general education in relation to a major course of study.

GE PLO #5: Collaborate with people of different backgrounds, values, and experience.

GE PLO #6: Evaluate global and local issues and their impact on society.

GE PLO #7: Use intention and reflection to develop and improve one’s own learning.


For more information, click here to view a curriculum map of the GE PLOs to the University Learning Outcomes, as well as a draft assessment plan from 2014 (pdf).

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