About Cal Poly's General Education Program



Cal Poly's General Education (GE) program has been designed to complement major courses and electives completed by each baccalaureate candidate and in compliance with state and CSU requirements.


The General Education program seeks to cultivate graduates who make noteworthy progress toward being well-rounded and informed persons. GE requirements are designed to provide CSU students with the knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives that will enable them to expand their capacities to take part in a wide range of human interests and activities; confront personal, cultural, moral, and social problems that are an inevitable part of human life; and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Faculty are encouraged to assist students in making connections among disciplines to achieve coherence in the undergraduate educational experience.


Courses approved for the GE program should be responsive to the need for students to develop knowledge or ability in:

  • civic engagement
  • communication competence
  • environmental systems
  • ethical decision-making
  • global awareness and understanding of human diversity
  • information and technological literacy
  • intellectual inquiry
  • lifelong learning
  • physical and emotional health throughout a lifetime
  • quantitative reasoning
  • self-development


Mission Statement

The General Education program is one of the primary sites for realizing Cal Poly's vision of a comprehensive polytechnic education. The program promotes an understanding and appreciation of the foundational disciplines that ground all intellectual inquiry. It enriches the specialized knowledge acquired in a major program with an understanding of its scientific, humanistic, artistic, and technological contexts. The program imparts knowledge and transferable skills, fosters critical thinking and ethical decision making, supports integrative learning, and prepares students for civic engagement and leadership.

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